Friday, January 26, 2007

lifestyle linking mobile use

I was catching up with my Internet software RSS blog feeds and found a lifestyle linking health topic, mobile phone usage and brain tumors. Without scientific proof this whole technology has been released to the world. Nothing per say wrong with that as long as we individually have the information to hand we want before the purchase. But like most of this world, we assume the State, has set the rule to 'protect us' but this is more psychology than based on real life impact.

What I have been thinking a lot about over the last few year is, especially since I have my mobile and WIFI near me 24/7 these days, wouldn't it be great if I could use some tool that would visualise all the microwaves, analogue waves etc. that are present in my surroundings? I am sure this most be possible to do and may even exist today so if you know about such a service drop a link in to my comments.

How often do I get a cold in January?

Ideally, you would never want to get a cold. I read some where that the average person gets 5 colds (light to flu) a year. I thought that was a lot. So, you ask yourself how times have I had the cold last year? You would it would be easy too add up but you forget and time moves on. For me I recall being ill most January's, I joke to myself, I only get a cold when there are holidays around! So, the festive period is a holiday time.

My point is, do I have a significant correlation with a month and having a cold, if yes, then would I act differently on the lead up to that time of year? Or is the significant correlation when a know virus is in the population? Do, I usually get the virus at the start of the out break or in the middle or near the end? We can empower ourselves to know this information, it is know, just not to us at present. Armed with this information is our choice to make lifestyle choices that turn these significant correlation to false.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

social networks and health

I think a lot about the effect my lifestyle choices have on my health, the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe, the stress you feel, the weather you experience, etc. etc. And this leaves out one big area, relationships.

Relationships are everywhere, with family, friends and with all the people you interactive with online and offline. The real thing I had under appreciated or not appreciated enough was the emotional impact of relationships. I listened and have read about this time and time again last year. It makes so much logic and sense. One example, food has an emotional impact as well as nutritional impact, just think of the reaction we may have to chocolate. But it's a two way emotional cause and effect, pre eating and post eating, our emotions come into play.

Relationships with your family. I was 8,000km from my family when a new member of the clan came into the world. I was in the middle of a cold at the time but for the day of the birth I felt no symptoms of the cold. I could not explain this to myself at the time but now with reflection I realise the power of the family relationship, it provides vast amounts of positive energy. We are social beings and a lack of social interaction leads to ill health. Friends provide a high level of relationship health. I recall hearing about the term 'friends syndrome' the 'friends' being from the TV sitcom. Someone had observed how modern friend networks modelled the size of the friend group on the series, more like they producers knew about this trend and created the format to appeal to the world. Friends are in the physical world and the online world. Are the relationship any less important online or over distances. My view is that just like the baby being born, relationship across great distance can be equally intense and beneficial. Sure, you can not wait to meet but the health power flows regardless.

multivitamin not a good decision

I said I would take a multi vitamin supplement for one bottle's worth and then take stock. Well, I did not finish the bottle, I left the last half dozen in the bottle and I do not plan to buy a new bottle. Why?

I believe my digestive health was upset by taking the supplement. I have stopped and with in a week I felt better. Also, I hoped the number and length of time I suffered from colds, bugs, viruses would be less but since the end of November it's been one bug after the other and now I seem to be going from one cold to the next. The question is, maybe if I had not taken the supplements then the colds etc would have been more accute?

I was telling one of my friends who runs a gene testing business, about my supplement experience and he was unsurprised by my experience. He said my thinking was too simplistic to think an 'average' supplement would be overall beneficial. My body may be real efficient at creating all the good stuff it requires and by overloading the goodness then it knocks thinks out of balance, or it may just be that one area is where the benefits could be gained. How do I find that out? Well, I expect some tests would give measurable feedback or I can use trail and error with my life. However, this take times, life is real time.

However, I am not the only person thinking and trying these supplements. If I could correlate myself to them then I may be able to find that right supplement in a short time period, avoid clear down sides and get long term benefits?

Also, it must be possible to see patterns when my number of colds are increasing. Last year there were quite a few, the year before I can maybe recall one. Is that just random or is the cause and effect results of the choices I may in 2005 and 2006?

teeth gone sonic

My teeth cleaning entered the electronic age with a gift of the latest 'sonic' electric toothbrush. I have written on this subject before. So ingrained in using a traditional toothbrush it took me a couple nights to remember to use it. My teeth feel great after brushing. I am still not sure I am using the right technique and the whole psychology of the experience is different. As you are not exerting any manual input, you don't feel you are cleaning.

Last time I concluded I felt my teeth's health was based upon my knowledge of what is best for looking after my teeth. I have changed toothpaste, brush and now gone electric. I think because I focus on healthy teeth, regardless of the equipment or paste I use, it is my application that is the critical difference, not the brand of manufacturer.

What we could know, but we don't as we don't share the information, is the outcomes your peers have achieved or are achieving. I am very positive about my teeth health but what about 10 years down the line? There must be people that have chosen a similar path in the past, this information exists, if we create an environment that is trusted, then this information will flow. Achieve this then we will have a world with better information.