Friday, July 13, 2007

linking suncream and allergies

I suffer from hayfever, in the extremes of symptoms I probably lie some where in the middle but I would like to think I try and minimise the lifestyle choices to prevent or minimize the symptoms.

So, why would I buy this products, Banana Boat 50 I was attending on open swim in pure blue sky day, 28c and I would be in teh water for up to an hour. The risk of sunburn is high, so I felt this the best preventative step. Highest factor cream I could find that is water proof.

However, I recently read this information on the suncream that links the chemicals in the produt to allergies and the general wellbeing of your immune system.

From my mepath stories, I have already highlighed that to the best of my knowledge/ what I choose to believe that minimizing these risks are a top priority.

Why did I make the purchase, because I did not know all the information.

lifestyle linking weather

Weather forecasts are usually broadcast and unsurprisingly they focus on the weather, will it rain, snow, frost, warning of serious flooding. Oh, yes the odd, the NE wind will make is feel a lot colder so you may want to put on an extra layer of clothing. In the end of the we consume the information and then make choices, what to wear, what time to go skiing, walking, etc.

The first lifestyle linking weather service I use is weatherpixie, a primative icon that shows the clothing linked to the weather. No real perosnalization but you can see the day when I can personalize this to my existing clothes I own, how I am effected by wind chill, recommend new purchased base upon forecast weather that don't already own.

The WeatherPixie