Thursday, September 07, 2006

extreme hiking feedback to trainer manufacturer

Two weeks post my 22 mile hike and I am wondering why my trainer manufacturing is not asking me for feedback on how they performed? I would be willing to email them a picture of my feet so show where the blisters appeared and if they new model could improve the design so reduce this wear point then I would be more likely to purchase from the same manufacturer.

I have also been left with a bruzed big toe nail. I have had this in the past wearing my hiking boots. Why is that happening? Not lasing my shoes/trainer to tight, too slack or too long or short a size. I know it happen when walking down hill. Maybe its my walking/running technique?

I am sure the world has the answers to these questions, and of course I will be happy to pay for the information that addresses my pain? I find it hard the manufacturers and or the retailer etcs and not listening to me or evening asking me the question, I am asking, why is no one listening?

new tooth brush

I arrived back in the UK without my luggage. One of the first things you miss is cleaning your teeth. One night you can manage but the second day requires the purchase of a new brush. In an earlier posting I made the decision to change brand of tooth paste, so what about the brand of brush?

A firm reach, style being my main stay over the years. But technology has moved on again or is that just the marketing words? Whitening seems the word of the moment. I am in my local country chemist so the choice is not great, no Elephant pharmacy around to get a review of the greener brands. I say loyal to reach today, price seems lower than past purchases.

Looking back on my teeth cleaning history, the most important information I recall was the day I got a lesson on how to brush my teeth. This was not the day in primary school when you get a red tablet to show the plaque on your teeth but a day in my teenage life where a much more scientific and particle, even scientific portrayal of the reasoning on the different techniques to you to clean your teeth. Different speeds of brushing, different styles, up, down, circling.

My main observation is that as my education/knowledge level has improved with the progression of time then the better equipped I feel I have been at caring for my teeth.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

yoga = better sleep, stress reduction, better posture

I got the opportunity to attend my first yoga session last week. I had been talking with a friend for several weeks about whether yoga could be used to help de-stress at night to allow for a better night's sleep. Given my walking thigh pains I am keen to strengthen my thighs and to generally improve my lower body flexibility. Finally, poor posture at the keyboard adds up and so I was looking for some exercises to do before and after to not only to relieve the pain but to encourage my body to adopt better posture all the time.

As a first timer, I was given a position next to the leader. The session began with a concentration on listening to your breathing. From there the introduction of moves and positions were adopted along with mental thoughts. An hour and a half melted into time. I describe yoga as a smooth transition from one exercise to the next. I am less won over by the mental side, but open minded enough to listen to the guidance. How does a visionary focus on the here on now?

I look forward to going back but I will find it hard to find the time to attend many sessions. I am looking for lifestyle yoga, that is I am looking to find a set of disciplines to address the key health priorities and that I am self motivated to improve on.