Monday, May 15, 2006

Attention --- health data

There are many potential benefits to be realized from a 'lifestyle linking' health world. In this world our personal health data is being collected, stored and used. The question is: Who has control over this data? Our answer: the individual. Only with the individual in control of their attention data, working on their behalf, applied with their permission, motivation and values will these benefits be realized. These principals are held by the Attention Trust and its members. See our membership page here .

Thursday, May 11, 2006

'lifestyle linking health' business

How does the 'lifestyle linking health' vision impact on business and how they serve their customers?

Let me explain by way of an example/anecdote: Our local butcher said with much enthusiasm 'that's what I like to see" when he saw a row of empty meat trays when it was only lunch time. So, what was do different about today? The sun was shining and summer was in the air for the first time and BBQ's were on the consumers agenda. The weather had created extra demand.

Now, any seasoned retailer worth their money will know how important the weather is on affecting sales from food to clothing etc. However, it also struck me that none of these businesses integrate weather content into their websites? (please tell me if you know of one). OK, the empowered individual will have this on their home page or portal start page but a business can provide this information and link it to their customers purchasing of their products.

The butcher was right to be happy to sell all his products by lunch time but what about the regular customer that comes in after to find empty shelves. Are they happy? Linking demand factors can help: consumer demand can be transmitted quicker to the butcher, the butcher can help by providing the best weather information for the location and thus produce more product to cater for know demand and existing customer have products to buy.

What about the 'health' element in this story? The individuals lifestyle is influenced by the weather in prompting a BBQ. The individual also has high cholesterol. Therefore, it would be sensible to go for low fat BBQ meat option or they could even go for fish instead of meat. And if they wanted to go one step further and share their nutrition requirements with the butcher then the business would be able to customize their sausage production to reduced fat percentage.

I believe the individuals lifestyle wins, hands down ever time in deciding what actions, activities, consumption or buying they will undertake. The specific delivery of all these will depend on how empowered the individual is with the 'linking' information whether that be price, product choice, availability, weather or health.