Sunday, February 26, 2006

'lifestyle linking' Sun block, weather, health impact

Sun block
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The sun is a lot stronger here in California than it is back in Scotland at this time of the year. Sunburn is a concern. What suntan lotion should I buy?

There are lots of bottles to choose from. I don't believe tan's are a sign of good health so I always opt for a high factor. Factor 50+ which is what I buy. I go swimming so the label saying it's water proof for up to 80 mins. I feel I have made a good buy but have I? I would have liked my buying logic to have been reviewed by an expert e.g. skin cancer specialist.

Also, it is cloudy outside some days, applying cream every day becomes a chore. Is it OK not to apply sun cream on a cloudy day? Now, surely a combination of a weather station service and health expert e.g. skin cancer specialist could provide me with guidance on a daily basis?

And how much should I apply every day? Is there any short, medium or long term risk of using the cream every day? Would I be better off wearing a hat?

'lifestyle linking' Sun glasses

Sun glasses health impact?
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I arrived in California with out my sun glasses. I need to purchase a new pair. The pair at home in Scotland are of high quality so I don't want to spend too much cash.

However, will buying a cheaper pair with a sticker claiming 'maximum UV' protection suffice for a few weeks or should I invest a lot more money in a designer brand with superior sounding marketing?

Again, I do not know the relative health impacts the two options will have on my eye sight. I am thinking, the cheaper option say MAX protection and the small print provides supporting evidence. A more expensive pair will come along with a free consultation but it that just more marketing from the sales consultant or based on medical fact?

I would like to have real time data at the point of purchase on the health impact of these two product choices. If the cheap pair are taking care of my eyes and with the expensive pair, I am just paying for brand and style then I would buy the cheap pair. However, if wearing the cheap pair of sun glasses, I am in effect getting no protection from UV rays then I would be prepared to pay for the more expensive option?

A lifestyle linking service would provide the health impact on demand to us consumer to be weighed up against the pricing options and budgets.

'lifestyle linking' Weekly Shop

Weekly Shop James
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The photo is of my weekly shop for groceries and other domestic products for the home and myself.

I have set myself the lifestyle goal of competing in the World Masters Swimming Championships in August of 2006. This links directly with my lifestyle i.e.the amount of training I need to put in between now then then. As my training intensifies will the quality of my weekly shop for groceries do likewise? To be honest, as knowledgeable as I am, I have no real lidea what I should be buying to maximize my nutrition to complement my training.

I would like to get an analysis of my shopping and be able to input from an nutrition expert or competitive swimmer of my choice some value adding advice that will assist me buy better foods.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

'lifestyle linking' Health

Welcome to my 'lifestyle linking' health blog

My 'lifestyle linking' health vision is about empowering individuals to link their health needs with their daily lifestyle routines.