Thursday, July 31, 2008

Recovering pyschology

My right achilles gave way a couple of months ago. Not a major snap, never really could not walk but spikes of pain reminded me that all was not well. Initially I kept going but after a week of no healing progress, a period of rest ensued. This was interupted for a three week period of partying (on the dance floor) that set things back a bit but a quieter period allowed recovery. The question is, how quickly to push up the training? Too much you are back to square not enough you will never build the fibers back up to strength again.

It becomes as much a mind game as a friend pointed out. The mind is saying step up the training. Time will tell if this is the right choice.

Wouldn't lifestyle linking my achilles tell me the right path to recovery?

A. NO, it would have helped prevent it in the first place.