Monday, March 09, 2009

turning into a triathlete

It's not an uncommon transition to see an 'ageing' swimmer evolve to become a triathlete. Swimming will always be my favorite sport but adding running and cycling should bring additional fun. I find my hill walking legs turning into running legs when out in the hills, I'll just need to find a regular pattern to ensure I do run. Cycling is my biggest stumbling block, a knee injury does not like the bike but I have plans in place to address that. 2010 is the year to emerge as a triathlete.

There is so much new stuff to learn, training to where the competitions are, new friends to find etc. That why I am enjoying using (NB. I am the founder) to gain an insight into the lifestyle, training to food to events to injuries that are being authored by others that share a triathlete lifestyle, beginner to Olympian.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

2/3 rds swimming

I'm getting into a routine swimming once a week. The solution to the routine has been to swim at what I call two thirds space. So, instead of 3000 metres in an hour the mileage is nearer 2000. But I keep to a structure of a warm up, kick and drills before a butterfly set and then some hundreds. I should keeping a better track of my heart beats too, I found this post via the mepath swimming activity stream. I've not know the full science about heart rate and training so this was a useful find.