Sunday, March 18, 2007

lifestyle linking laptop

After 7 years of loyal and trusted service my laptop this week decided to step into retirement. A new purchase was on the cards, what to buy?

Two choices, I decided that, a or another vaio via Sony wins, based on 7 years of good service. I need to personalize the spec. I use my knowledge to select the feature/spec I want but for some I have know real rational of selecting, e.g. what graphics card? Spending more get you better? I know how I have used my PC, editing videos is key task and my PC should know all my attention data doing that. That data should be able to select the right customization option, or at least tell me the trade off, this will save you 3 seconds wait time doing the same tasks. I would call such a service, lifestyle linking products. Come on startups out there, provide that service for 'me'.

lifestyle linking travel

Living life is the best way to learn. It feels like at times that website are built without the founders have a core passion for their service, what could supersede that, a passion for pure money.

Within 48 hours I had gotten a lift in a car, used a bus, a train, an under ground, another train, boat and not to forget my own two feet all the way through the various forms of transport. One part of the journey I want to expand upon. I had to get from Reading to Heathrow airport. From my research I had decided that a train to paddington and then the heathrow express would work. However, when I went to Reading station I read about a bus service to heathrow. I know I was making a longer trip via my dog leg train trips. Wouldn't it be cheaper and save me time?

I was thinking that but because I had no previous experience of taking that option or any feel of how reliable the service was I opted for that I knew and that I was confident in achieving my goal of catching a flight at a certain time.

Lifestyle linking travel would work by no so much crunching a search that would logically figure out the time tables, ie. do the time maths but instead quizzing other attention data that had live the experience I proposed to pursue. Now, I want to poll how successful the outcomes were. My objective remains the same, catch a flight. The big difference in approach is that lifestyle linking travel is human centric, this actually happens, timetables are computer generated of what some one would like to happen but they do not account for the walk along the platform, the distance to the terminal, what things can go wrong out with their world e.g. bus fine but unforeseen road accident. If I could poll the wisdom of the individuals that had face the same travel plans as I then, those are the people that could provide the information that I would confidently act upon.