Tuesday, April 03, 2007

lifestyle linking hay fever

I am currently living through the worst health impact of my hay fever suffering years. The daily routine of eye drops and nasal steroid spray had been keeping the annoying symptoms at bay however, after a couple of days of rain the local environment became hostile with pollen. I persevered for a couple of days but it was time to start to take the antihistamines to dampen the symptoms.

I recall a similar period last year but not as acute. Even taking this cocktail of medication you are not yourself. The chest is tight and the eyes and nose still get effected.

In a lifestyle linking world, I should know such periods of allergy pain are ahead and thus I can prepare to avoid the worst of the pain or inconvenience. I try all these medications, eat local honey, tried pollen capsules but will nil benefit but I am sure there are things I could be doing to minimise the health downsides, others will have real experiences that could empower me better. It is just hard finding those people.