Sunday, July 23, 2006

Lifestyle linking heat

Living through a heat wave forces you to focus on your health. The shear experience of the heat, sunshine strength and stress induced on to the body made my brain think it's core focus was survival.

What can we do to minimize the distress? Stay in doors, but no air conditioning makes that unbearable. Where is there free air conditioning, at the cinema so an unplanned movie is the order of the day. Darkness has descended but the heat is still high. A BBQ dinner is in order.

OK, we are told to drink plenty during the heat wave, but what foods are best to eat? Should we just surf from one air conditioned cafe to the next? This does get expensive and the food is not that healthy for everyday consumption. Where are the healthy air conditioned places near me?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

lifestyle linking enjoyment

From deep in the sub conscious or the background of the conscious the need to experience things you enjoy doing come to the fore. For me they seem to follow a non-linear sine or cosine graph with time being on the x axis.

These inner message lead to action in term of search, what are the key words to enter into google, ‘San Francisco Symphony’, my geo location focusing the scope plus my exiting knowledge of the world had made me set listen to them as a goal or experience I want to participate in. What concert to choose? You read the options and I see ‘Lord of the Rings’ evening. Now that combines two things that I enjoy. It’s a no brainer to buy a ticket. The experience was great, my favourite moment being one seamless transfer of harmony between the orchestra and choir.

So, enjoyment in this instance was the consumption of an experience.

Monday, July 03, 2006

health short term - long term

For me some of those future health impacts are know with certainty, hay fever season start from March and lasts to September in Scotland. However, this year I spent part of winter in California and hay fever started in February but I found no need to take any anti histamines during the summer months. A steroid spray and eye drops keeping symptoms at bay. I took the decision to stop taking the tablets. I have this constant desire not to take pharma medicine and the grass looks brown so these factors added up to allow me to stop. And I feel better, for not taking the tablets, in a long-term sense, as I still have to take some pharma medicine. However, there is so much public pollen information out there. Why can this not be personalized to the allergy blood tests I have and my knowledge on the times of year I get hay fever?

My lifestyle activates also set annual health goals. I like skiing, especially free skiing. This is fairly extreme exercise in terms of endurance and physical stress and I suppose mental stress, positive success and determination to reach a summit. I know that I cannot just turn on the health to live these goals. Therefore, I need to keep fit all during the year and focus on particular exercises as winter draws in.

Chronic disease, whether it be heart, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s etc. I associate with old age. Or is it an accumulation of my lifestyle choices and genes? Science, in my mind has not given us a framework with any degree of certainty in terms of the direct cause and effect of these diseases. Time frames of cause and effect are long, I assume. I am persuaded to change based on such science? Contrast this with a sudden pain in my right hip. I feel it and take the time to rest and exercise it. However, could this be the start to hip replacement in later years? If I knew this would I change my lifestyle goals? Or would I seek ways to live the goals but minimize the risks I am now aware of?

It is a tricky balance, short term seems to win but in the long run I want to maximise my overall lifestyle.