Thursday, May 17, 2007

me and green tea

I have started to drink more green tea. The main reason is that I have be reading information on skin cancer and green tea keep coming up. It is my choice where I focus my attention. I have some regular patterns of information sources I read and some times that throws up content that matches my interests. Other times I have to proactively search out information that interests me. This has combined to make me act. That fact is that I drink more green tea, now. I have to drink each day, that is the way of life and if by drinking green tea that fulfils task and it acts in a preventative manner to a risk (real or other wise I have) then my path through life is empowered.

This information, if I could own it all, I did create it all after all, should be used in other places. The creation of sun block for example.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

lifestyle linking heat

The temperatures are heading north of 30 degrees Celsius in the last few days. Life becomes more uncomfortable for me in the high twenties Celsius onwards so what can I do to combat the heat? Drinking more water, choices of clothing, can I find an office, cafe or out side space in the shade. Should I slow down my thinking rate?

I always feel we have time to prepare for such increases in heat. That is what weather forecast set out to achieve? Except they do not personalize that information to me, the online website are heading that way but none to date on TV have told me what to wear on a personalized manner. Maybe, wrap up warm, wear a mack or slap on the sun cream. But if I am spending the day in the office then suncream was not the best information to have been broad casting. Even if the information was right, could they give me a personalized recommendation on what sun factor to use?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

lifestyle linking energy

Each and every day we live we need energy. I am not thinking so much the ac variety the powers our light bulbs, laptops etc. but the human energy required to live the path through life.

Food and drink are our input energy. Water is core to life, but I see we are being told we can get 'smart' water and we need to eat. I haven't thought too much about whether the type of food we eat, affects the type of energy we give out? Regardless of what we eat, the energy looks the feels the same? My reading and education over the years tells me that some foods will provide quicker energy than others. I read science papers that speak of 'significant correlations' too. I am still of the mind that we are the very earliest of stages in matching up those cause and effects.

One thing I do know right now, is that I think, some times nil times to others hours of research to inform my eating choices. I/we are demanding those choices now.