Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Time - Tagging

Tagging, aka, the , flickr, blog etc. kind provides great value to me. Tagging in a lifestyle linking context has the potential to add great value too.

But I believe the tags can be used for more than their ability to provide a textual word to help me remember and save as important. The time when I tag is important too. Delicious time stamps your tag word but what about being able to sort on time as well? It is valuable to know when you time tagged all the same words, especially when you want to record the times you get a sore throat. The length of time interval may also be important.

The time value of tagging is under utilized but contains valuable meaning. Watch for some interesting developments in this area.

Flight health and jet lag

Time to continue my long haul flight health story. Last night I safely concluded my 5th long haul flight of the year. A good flight, second best of the year, the first being the best as I got three seats to myself that enabled some good sleeping. However, jet lag was bad for a long spell. The second set of fights, produced sore throats but jet lag lessened USA side but was significantly more noticeable UK side. This time I am feeling like sleeping as UK timezone bedtime passes. Should I give in to a quick power nap or is it best to keep mentally or physically active to keep awake until USA bed time?

Other people must be and have faced these decisions. It would be great to read about what they tried. Also, does what I eat effect my ability to recover from jetlag? Should I train lightly at swimming tomorrow morning? Or with a slight sniffle, pollen? or cold?, is that a good idea anyway?

decisions, decisions, I am using my account at to capture my story so that I can find the information I require to empower my lifestyle choices. (Note, is that start up business I work at.)

Monday, October 02, 2006 lifestyle linking agent

My startup co-founders and I have put up the website, . If you want to join us in shaping the focus of the founding service, feel free to sign up and share your thoughts with us.